Marjan was amazing! He really came through for us on some complex needs and did really quality work. He is a very talented developer.


He worked with us on a less-than-optimal project that had experienced some big problems early on. His help and expertise helped bring the project back on track and finish solidly. We are quite thankful to have found him and had his help!


His performance on the many needs and nuances this large project had makes me quite confident that he can handle most anything given to him.


I highly recommend him for any development work. He is top-notch 😄

Mike Becchio,

Marjan is always a pleasure to work with. He is a fantastic programmer and we highly recommend him for PHP programming.

TJ Ogden, Website Owner

Marjan successfully constructed a new website developing a quality front end and CMS system from the very beginning. For each task he exceeded all expectations, showing great initiative, leadership and proactiveness throughout the project. He easily understood and incorporated relatively complex pricing algorithms - all of which worked with minimal supervision.

I have used the experience of many Odesk contractors, and Marjan in my opinion produced the best work as well as demonstrating excellent communication throughout the whole project. Great to work with - cannot recommend him highly enough.

Kal Kilby, Website Owner

Marjan is a pleasure to work with and an asset to the team. His programming skills were fantastic and we will definitely use him again!

TJ Ogden, Website Owner